Mr. Ichiro Oshima

Mr. Ichiro Oshima

Associate Vice President, NEC Corporation India Private Limited

Mr. Oshima graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration from Senshu University in the year of March 1991. He joined NEC Corporation in the year of 1991, April and has handled extensive responsibilities within NEC Corporation. Since he has joined NEC Corporation, he has been in charge of making the strategy and developing ICT solution in Enterprise Industry for global market as well as Japan.

He has around 13 years of Enterprise global experience, in which he has managed and led Global Business Development teams. He has rich experience in global ICT solution for enterprise industry at NEC Headquarters. In his immediate past assignment, he was in charge of Transportation and Logistics Solutions division supporting NICDC project in India.

Then he joined NEC Technologies India Private Limited as Associate Vice President in July 2017. He is a qualified Certified IT professional from Information Processing Society of Japan. He has extensive know how in technical and administrative projects and executes and coordinates with NEC Headquarters for various products and services available.

Being one of the core members of NICDC Logistics Data Services, he is planning to provide the various logistics ICT solution keeping in mind the development of India supply chain market.