Logistics Data Bank (LDB) Mobile App

LDB Mobile app is an overarching solution that integrates the information available with various stakeholders across the supply chain to provide detailed near real time information at your fingertips. It helps users track the container on their mobile devices and provides various features to enhance user experience like tracking the complete route on the Google map, view transit reports etc. Complete tracking trail can be accessed by just entering the 11 digit container number. The app provides alerts for the priority containers enabling proper planning and coordination.


Features available on LDB Mobile App:

  • Interlink bulk consignments/multiple containers by single/common tracking ID- Multiple containers can be tracked collectively by entering different container numbers with a comma as separator on tracking button . Also, when there are multiple container, then a group is created for the same and by just entering group number all container information can be tracked.
  • Track the route and movement of both truck bound and train bound containers- No matter whether the container is shipped through truck or train, it can be easily tracked via LDB app.
  • View and download the complete tracking reports in pdf format-Complete information of the container movement can be viewed and downloaded in pdf format
  • View the route map being followed by your containers for complete import/export journey cycle on Google Maps-Complete route of the container movement can be tracked on Google Map. Start location, intermediate location and current location of the container can be tracked on Google Map through the app.
  • Quick links provide easy access to :
    • Container group creation: to group and track multiple containers
    • Coverage of LDB: which has the overall coverage information
    • Registration for mobile alerts features that helps to track your priority containers and keep you updated


Download the app now: