Mr. Tomohisa Terakado

Tomohisa Terakado

Mr. Tomohisa Terakado

Director-Transport Solution Department-NEC Corporation, Japan
Director- NLDSL

Mr. Terakado was born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1968. He graduated in the Faculty of Science and Engineering from Aoyama Gakuin University in the year 1991. He has been associated with NEC Corporation since April 1991 till date. At NEC, he has been in-charge of providing solutions in the Japanese logistics industry to Logistic companies, Manufacturers and Retailers. Also, he has been engaged in Strategy formulation, Development and Provision of ICT solutions in the global logistics market and supply chain.

Mr. Terakado has been involved in the LDB project from an early stage, supporting the NICDC project in India. Along with in-charge of the Transportation and Logistics Solutions division, he has been leading and managing the Global Business Development team, which supports the NICDC project in India. He then joined NEC Technologies India Private Limited as Associate Vice President and was appointed for the first time to the Board of Directors upon the establishment of DLDSL in December 2015. In 2017, he returned to NEC Corporation and in 2023, he has now again been appointed as a Director from Japan.

He is a certified "Logistics Senior Master" from "Japan Institute of Logistics Systems (JILS)”. He has extensive logistics know-how in technical and managerial projects and works with NEC headquarters on the various products and services available. As one of the core members of NICDC Logistics Data Services, he plans to provide various logistics ICT solutions with future developments in mind.